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Harry Ransom Center eNewsRansom Center celebrates 50th anniversary
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January 2007


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Exhibitions image
This original Norman Bel Geddes drawing of a dancing couple became interior decoration for the New York City nightclub, Palais Royal Cabaret. ca. 1923. Courtesy of Bel Geddes Estate.
January Programs image: Woodward and Bernstein, 1973. Mark Godfrey.
Insider's Perspective image: Binh Danh, In Search of Safety, from Immorality: The Remnants of the Vietnam/American War, chlorophyll print & resin. Binh Danh.



Harry Ransom Center turns 50Ransom Center celebrates 50th anniversary

The Harry Ransom Center celebrates the 50th anniversary of its inception in 2007 with a year dedicated to “Celebrating the Imagination.” Events are planned throughout the year to commemorate the anniversary, including the exhibition The American Twenties, a symposium on Watergate, birthday parties, a gala, and a book signing. READ MORE.


Austin Symphony Orchestra to perform Twenties-themed concert

Inspired by the Ransom Center’s upcoming exhibition The American Twenties, Austin Symphony Orchestra music director and conductor Peter Bay created a concert program centered around a 1920s theme. “The Roaring 20s and Beyond” takes place February 2 and 3 at 8 p.m. at Bass Concert Hall and features percussionist Evelyn Glennie. READ MORE. Also, read a Q&A with Austin Symphony Orchestra Conductor Peter Bay about the program.


Ransom Center hosts paleography institute

The Harry Ransom Center hosts the Mellon Summer Institute in Spanish Paleography from June 11 to 29, under the direction of Professor Carla Rahn Phillips of the University of Minnesota. Participants will acquire intensive practical training in reading late medieval and early modern scripts of Spain and Latin America. Fifteen participants will be selected and will receive a stipend of $1,890 for the institute. APPLY NOW.


Opening January 30

Drawing by Norman Bel GeddesThe American Twenties

Profound cultural and social change occurred during the 1920s, a decade of ambiguities, contradictions, contrasts, and conflicts. In the decade’s struggle to define the future of America, a plethora of issues were argued and fought out in poetry, novels, political tracts, music, and the movies. This exhibition explores the decade through the literature and art that was to become quintessentially American and modern. READ MORE.


Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein

SYMPOSIUM Journalists Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein participate in panels on presidential accountability and the impact of the press in the Watergate scandal. Additional panelists include Pulitzer Prize-winner David Oshinsky, Professor of Government Bruce Buchanan, Associate Professor of Public Affairs Francis J. Gavin, Professor of Law Sanford Levinson, Dean of College of Communication Roderick P. Hart, and Austin American-Statesman Editor Rich Oppel. Event brought to you by the Austin American-Statesman and statesman.com. LEARN MORE


TUESDAY, JANUARY 30, noon-7 P.M.
BIRTHDAY PARTY University students, faculty, and staff are invited to a party celebrating the Ransom Center’s 50th anniversary with activities scheduled throughout the day.


BIRTHDAY PARTY Austinites are invited to a party celebrating the Ransom Center's 50th anniversary with music, refreshments, and special gifts for those named “Harry” and those who will turn 50 in 2007.



Image by Binh DanhCurator’s Pick: Binh Danh’s “Chlorophyll Prints”

The Ransom Center’s photography collection was pleased to acquire several pieces by emerging artist Binh Danh this past year.  Danh has pioneered a fascinating mode of printing onto leaves through the process of photosynthesis. Associate Curator of Photography Linda Briscoe Myers profiles his work and his process. READ MORE AND VIEW PRINTS.

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